Saturday, 4 January 2014


With production driven by underground grimey, techno-orientated influences, Jam City has brought an innovative, unique sound to the UK Bass scene. The London-based producer is definitely one of my favourites right now and this is supported by his latest release: Night Slugs Club Constructions Vol.6. A somewhat dark, yet enticing EP, Club Constructions Vol.6 follows a similar path to it's predecessor - but with an obscure and brilliant twist to production. The pinnacle of the EP for me is 'Garlands', which merges dark snares, with a compelling synth to form a track that truly exemplifies the varied production in this modern era. If you'd like to check out the whole EP, it's available digitally from Boomkat here for a price of £3.50. A must cop for any avid UK bass/electronic fan. RR: 9/10.

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